Thursday, March 26, 2009

Visual Studio - symbols not loaded

I had a problem that I could not set any break points in the debugger because Visual Studio could not load the symbol file (pdb). After messing around with the debugging settings on Visual Studio 2005 (and wasting a good part of a day), I decided to restart Visual Studio.

Then it just started working.

Thanks Microsoft for yet another example of "oh that's fixed when you restart" engineering!


Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Software Find List 1

I'm starting a new series of posts which basically lists new software that I've found and am actively trying out:

1. Gentoo distro - tried this once a long time ago. Now seriously considering using it as a basis for a console only distro.

2. JMEC64 - A Commodore 64 emulator written in Java. Found out you had to compile it which leads to number 3 on the list...

3. Netbeans IDE - wanted to run #2, so ended up here.

4. Git - the latest and greatest in the version control race. After I just made the transition to subversion from cvs, something new and shiny pops up. :)

Sunday, March 22, 2009

hexdumps in Python

I once had to decode hex strings that were in ASCII to the proper hex values.

I found this on the web:

map( ord, codecs.decode( '030109ff', 'hex' ) )

The more pythonic way would then be:

[ ord(x) for x in codecs.decode( '030109ff', 'hex' ) ]